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Want to sell your house fast?

There are important factors involved and to be considered in the company you choose to do this.

When faced with life issues such as divorce,  or repossession people are very vulnerable. They often make wrong decisions in the hope of alleviating their problems. Resulting in choosing an inadequate company to sell their home.

There have been several   investigations into the quick house sale marketplace. Including the O.F.T. investigation into quick house selling, reported by the BBC in August 2013. Some sellers instead of gaining money to help with their problems have made substantial losses. In some cases as much as £40,000

The best way to choose the right company for a quick sale is to make a list, highlighting your needs against what the individual company can offer.  Including the timescale anticipated for the completion of the sale.

Issues to consider when choosing a quick sale company

Check to see if there are quick sale companies in the area. Listen to friends and colleagues recommendations.

Make sure the Quick sale company is registered at Companies house and is fully operative.

The sale process is explained carefully with good back up literature for further information.

Is the property being purchased directly by the quick sale firm or are they acting for another agent. This is an important factor as the one with their own cash could provide the best offer in the shortest time.

Is there any money to be paid for fees or valuation? Can  these fees be easily paid back if they don’t fulfil their promises. Read the small print.

Check out the company as fully as possible. Find out other properties they have purchased in the area and their customers comments. Ask if its possible to speak to past customers.

The reviews of their service should be checked on their website.

If contractual tie-ins are longer than six months it may restrict your selling options.

Are any of the deals offered for a limited time. Avoid these, e.g. sign on the dotted line within seven working days.

Any worthy fast house buyer will realise that you should not be pressurised into making a decision without due considerations on all aspects. Discussion with friends and relatives is advisable.

An alternative to using a quick sale company

Estate agents can also be used as a viable way to sell your house. There are many good estate agencies who provide their customers  with good service and a quick sale. Matching buyers with sellers successfully. Settling on a reasonable price for your house can provide a quick sale from a cash buyer. This results in completion in a shorter space of time.

If you want to sell your house quickly as suggested in the main points. We would strongly advise you to read the reviews on this website . Compare  our offers with similar companies. Call a genuine cash buyer for a great deal and good service with the best price given for your property.